Ticketing Terms And Conditions

  1. This ticket is sold by StarTix, on behalf of the promoter and/or organiser of the event for which the ticket is sold, and neither StarTix nor The Star Performing Arts Centre (The Star PAC) shall be liable in any manner to the purchaser, holder or transferee of this ticket, for any loss, damage, injury or death arising from the purchase or use of the ticket or attendance at the event, nor shall StarTix nor The Star PAC have any liability for any delays, duration, quality or content of the event.

  2. Tickets are sold on the condition that they shall not be resold nor transferred nor exchangeable, and StarTix and The Star PAC retain the right to refuse entry and/or to void any tickets purchased from any person other than StarTix or the persons authorised by StarTix.

  3. All complaints, claims and refund requests relating to the event shall be directed to the promoter.

  4. Tickets are sold on the terms that neither StarTix nor The Star PAC shall have any obligation for the refund of the tickets under any circumstances, including but not limited to cancellation of the event. Refunds (other than the booking and handling fees which shall not be refundable) if any (including upon cancellation or postponement of the event) shall be made by the promoter in the promoter’s discretion.

  5. StarTix, The Star PAC, the promoter, the venue owner and the operator shall have the right to refuse admission, or require the eviction of any person, without refund of the ticket price or any other liability, who fails to comply with the following rules:
    (a) event attendees shall not make any photo, audio, or video recording or live stream the event unless permitted by the promoter;
    (b) event attendees shall behave in an orderly manner and shall comply with any reasonable directions given by the usher;
    (c) event attendees shall not bring outside food and beverage into the venue;
    (d) event attendees shall submit to any security searches upon admission or during the event.

  6. StarTix, The Star PAC, the promoter, the venue owner and the operator shall be entitled to cancel, postpone, shorten or interrupt the event in its sole discretion, without any refund, including but not limited to safety concerns, regulatory requirements or concerns, or for any other reason.

  7. Tickets are sold subject to any other additional terms set out on the website of StarTix and The Star PAC which shall be deemed incorporated into these terms of sale. Any notifications relating to the ticket or event made on the website or StarTix or The Star PAC and at StarTix’s points of sale shall be deemed effective notice.