SING! With Keith & Kristyn Getty Live In Singapore!

Saturday, 28 May 2022 @ 7:00pm
Foyer Open Time @ 6:00pm
The Star Theatre



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“SING! With Keith & Kristyn Getty Live In Singapore!” is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 28th May 2022.

Please note the following essential information that you will need to plan for prior to the event:

  1. Ticket sales for the event will be subjected to prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMMs).
  2. No admission for infant in arms and children under 6 years oldChildren aged 6 years old and above must purchase a ticket for admission.
  3. All attendees of LIVE performances must be fully vaccinated or exempted from Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS).  For more details, please refer to our VDS FAQs.
  4. You are required to present an Acceptable Document [e.g. TraceTogether (TT) App/Token; HealthHub App; etc.] that confirm your Vaccination Status before entering the event venue.  Unsuccessful verification will be denied entry.

    Note: Hardcopy overseas vaccination certificates will not be accepted for VDS.

For further event and ticketing queries, please email: